Best Friend – Adults (50+)

Does your dog:

Is your dog in charge at home or are you?
Is your dog in charge at home
or are you?
  • Get too excited when guests arrive?
  • Bark or dig in the yard?
  • Pull you down the street on leash?
  • Demand your attention all the time?

Caring for a pet can help you remain young in body and spirit. A pet can be a loyal friend and a good companion, sharing your days and enriching your life. Perhaps you tried a training class but found it difficult to arrange transportation for you and your pet. Classes can be fun, but they are often noisy and things may move too fast. Did you have difficulty hearing all the information the trainer was telling the group? Perhaps everyone else just seemed to catch on more quickly than you.

Most dog training classes teach sit, down, come when called, and so on. But perhaps what you really need to know is how to stop your dog from constantly demanding attention, running out an open door, jumping up on visitors, or barking so much the neighbors have started to complain. We come to your home and work one-on-one with you and your pet to meet your goals so your dog can truly be your Best Friend at home and in your neighborhood.

If you would like your dog to be a well-behaved companion, you can teach your best friend to:

Have good table manners.
Have good table manners.
Walk with you on leash.
Walk with you on leash.


Perform tricks...
Perform tricks…
...for you both to enjoy.
…for you both to enjoy.
  • Wait at an open door
  • Come when called
  • Sit or lie down quietly at your side
  • Politely greet people and dogs
  • Play games and have fun

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Our Clients Say

“Kay (our instructor) is terrific in helping people understand their canine friends. She has a real understanding of dog behavior and is able to quickly tune in to what is going on in a human-dog relationship.” —Pamela H. and "Molly"
“Minnie and I have worked with Savvy Canines since its inception. From the first day Minnie has loved Phyllis and the training sessions with her. Minnie loves the challenges, the games (and the attention). The one service that sets Savvy Canines apart from other training programs is the individual attention to each client. They work around your schedule, find creative ways to get tasks accomplished, and do it all in a professional, caring way. Minnie and I LOVE the trainers and the time spent learning new tasks. Thank you Savvy Canines. You are pawsitively the BEST!